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Blue Mule Trucking

W900 Truck & Pup has polished stainless beveled bumper w/glass corner lights, polished stainless beveled stacks, antennas w/loads, 

quarter fenders w/lites & tool boxes.  All wheels are drilled.  

The pup has quarter fenders with a dress plate between them and amber lights.  

Also added quarter fenders on dolly w/amber lights

Description Model # Price
CKW320 $205.00



Black & Chrome 379 single axle tractor

Has all chrome frame, front to rear, decking & front fenders are chromed.

Has polished stainless rear fenders

Interior is all finished in leather color & grey, has two sticks

Stainless drop visor, Texas bumper, horn covers & hub caps.

All custom exhaust from manifold to top of the beveled 12" stacks

Billet aluminum air & light cord box, air lines plug into the front of the trailer

Stainless visor over sleeper window

Pups have chrome ends & the dolly has air lines that plug into rear trailer

The dolly has stainless wrap around fenders w/mud flaps, all wheels have been drilled out.


Description Model # Price
CP133 $265.00



Spitfire Orange/White 379 W/36" sleeper
280" Wheel base
Texas Bumper
Outlaw Visor
Stainless Antenna's, horn covers, hubcaps on front axle
Polished stainless stacks
Step ends, air tanks, top of air breathers, & fuel tanks are painted to match truck
Cab marker lights & head lights are painted white
Has a visor over sleeper window & says Just Passing Thru, below window
Full deck in front & rear of fifth wheel
Stainless frame end cap on rear w/white LED lights
Has a polished two piece drive shaft & polished exhaust cross over pipe
The interior has two sticks w/chrome knobs
Fenders are painted to match the white graphics on the cab
Trailer is a closed axle w/painted to match suspension
Brake biscuit's & slack adjusters are painted silver
Has spare tire mounted on front of trailer
I did not put air lines or light cords on this custom
Description Model # Price
CP143 $225.00



Black / Red Day Cab W / Round bale hay load
Polished stainless Texas bumper
Polished stainless stubby turn out stacks
Hub caps on front axle
Polished stainless front & rear deck plates
Polished stainless wrap around double hump fenders
Rear exit air & light cords
Cab lights & headlights are pained white
Trailer has a custom built header for hauling round hay bales (by Smith Hay Co)
Yellow tie down straps & West coast type hay ropes
Light cord & air lines plug in under nose of trailer

Description Model # Price
CP135 $205.00



1.  295" wheel base
2.  Polished Texas bumper w/corner marker lights
3.  Polished outlaw visor, antennas & horn covers
4.  Polished stainless stubby stack extensions
5.  Polished Billet aluminum light & air box w/airlines & light cord that plug into trailer 
6.  Polished stainless deck cover
7.  Polished stainless front wrap around fenders & half round rear fender
8.  Two piece polished drive shaft
9.  Ends of fuel tanks & top of air cleaners are painted to match the truck
10. Rear sleeper window visor
11. Hub caps on steering axle

Interior is painted blue to match the exterior
Headliners & door is painted metallic blue
The seats are leather brown w/blue inserts
Has twin shift levers One with blue knob & one white knob

Hopper Bottom W/Blue tarp
I've added polished stainless half fenders on front axle of trailer/amber lights
This trailer has Wilson logo white mud flaps, also has chrome ends
Description Model # Price
CP125 $220.00




W 900 KW  Day Cab

Custom Built by George Dunaway

This George Dunaway scratch built side dump trailer is all brass.
4 axle super single tires. Has hydraulic cylinder on front and back & has removable pins so will dump to either side.
Tractor is a W900 daycab w/ 3rd axle with fenders. Beveled stubby stacks, antennas, Texas bumper w/ lights. Full stainless w/ rear fenders, and KW flaps.

Description Model # Price
W 900 KW Day Cab
CKW313  $210.00