Custom 2




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379 Pete White Day cab straight Truck with Pup Hayloads

Body load & pup as well as the dolly are painted brown w/gold metallic

Polished stainless Texas bumper & Outlaw visor, shuddered radiator

Lite bars on front & back of air cleaners w/amber & red lites that are glass chips

Interior is finished in brown & tan with one shift lever w/white knob

Stainless side window shades, horn covers & hub caps

All custom built exhaust from motor to top of polished stainless flat top outlaw stacks

Fuel tanks have white ends and four white straps on each side

Polished two piece drive shaft, rear fenders are painted white & have front & rear mud flaps w/chrome tips

Bed of the truck is styrene & has inlaid wood deck

DOT tape & marker lites & tail & stop lites

There is a bulk head on the front of the 27' deck bed

The single axle dolly is styrene w/quarter fenders, mud flaps, & has air lines & lite cords for rear trailer

Trailer is 28' styrene with wooden inlaid deck, DOT tape, marker lites

Custom resin fenders, painted white to match tractor

Hay loads are removeable

All wheels are drilled out & they all roll

Description Model # Price
CP147 $250.00


Maroon & Black 379
Polished stainless stacks
All lights are white on the Frt Bumper, Head lights, Cab lights, tail lights, lights on back of sleeper.
Stainless antennas, horn covers, & hub caps
Outlaw visor painted to match truck
Interior has been detailed with leather colored paint
Has two shift levers with chrome balls
Stainless visor over sleeper window
Polished stainless deck with a polished billet air & light cord box
Rear frame cover
Ends of steps & fuel tanks painted black
Dual air tanks on left frame rail are the supply for the five trumpet train horns on right frame rail.
Hopper Bottom trailer has a custom made Maroon colored tarp
Quarter fenders with amber lights & a light bar across the middle.
Description Model # Price
CP104 $195.00


Century Class with polished stainless stacks behind cab
Stainless full fenders over the drivers
Lights added along the bottom sides
Trailer has been shortened to scale 45' with a permanent bulk head.
Description Model # Price
CFL213 $75.00


379 Pete Day cab
Has Texas bumper, drop stainless visor, air horn covers & stainless antennas
Hub caps on front axle, polished stainless outlaw stacks
Polished stainless decks front & rear of fifth wheel & polished stainless rear frame cap W/lights.
Has rear exit light cord & air lines that plug into bottom of trailer.
Front trailer is  40' to scale & rear trailer is 20' to scale
Both have real wood decks, DOT tape, marker lights, brake & tail lights.
Both trailers have hay loads that are glued together, but removable from the trailers.
Have added quarter fenders on both trailers.
Description Model # Price
CP127 $240.00