Custom 1





379 Pete 295" wheel base
Dark metallic hunter green & silver grey
Polished stainless front bumper, clear glass lenses in the head lites & on the corner lites of the bumper
Polished stainless outlaw visor, stainless antennas with loads, air horn covers & hub caps
Polished stainless beveled stacks
Interior is painted with matching colors of the tractor, two sticks w/chrome knobs
Tops of the air cleaners & ends of fuel tanks & fuel tank straps are painted to match
Stainless visor over sleeper window, polished two piece drive shaft
Frame rails & rear of frame rail cover are painted to match truck 
Polished stainless front & rear deck plates
Lite cords exit rear of frame rails that plug into bottom of the hopper
Belly of the hopper bottom is painted to match color of the tractor  
Trailer has custom color matched tarp 
Sides of the trailer are silver, has quarter fenders w/LED lites & Pete mud flaps
All wheels have been drilled out & all roll
Description Model # Price
CP130 $220.00



389 Pete 290" wheel base
Raspberry color Pete w/stand up bunk
Polished stainless Texas bumper & antennas
Interior is totally finished with leather color seats & raspberry colored inserts
Two sticks w/chrome knobs
Horn covers & hub caps 
Polished stainless deck plates front & rear of fifth wheel
Rear frame rail dress plates w/lites
Chrome covered frame rails, chrome fenders over drivers
Polished two piece drive shaft
Moon roof on top of sleeper & cab, also a window on back of sleeper
Polished stainless outlaw stacks
Rear hubs on tractor & trailer are painted to match truck
No air lines or lite cords on purpose
Chrome sided hopper w/custom color matching tarp
Quarter fenders w/amber lites under trailer
All wheels are drilled out & all roll

Description Model # Price
CP131 $195.00


 300" wheel base
This Red & Yellow 379 Pete has polished stainless bumper.
Shuddered radiator
Polished stainless turned out stacks, side window shades.
Interior is finished to match exterior colors w/two shift levers
Ends of fuel tanks are red with 4 red straps
Full deck front & rear of 5th wheel, Custom double hump fenders, 2 piece polished drive shaft
Has chrome rear frame cover plate, custom pogo stick for airlines & light cords that plug into trailer
The step deck trailer has a painted to match bulk head that is permanently mounted
Fenders on trailer is painted to match with tool boxes
All marker lites are white LED's & all holes are drilled in the wheels & all wheels roll
Description Model # Price
CP115 $195.00


Tractor Only  270" wheel base
Red & Black 379 Pete w/all chrome frame, fenders & deck 
Texas bumper, polished stainless visor & stacks.
Custom exhaust from motor to stacks
Stainless visor over sleeper window w/air line & Light cords
Wheels are drilled & they all roll
Description Model # Price
CP112 $100.00


This truck has a 320" wheel base, texas bumper and antennas. Has an inclosed toolbox/head ache rack with lights, chrome deck plate front and rear of the 5th wheel, rear exit air and light cords that plug into box under trailer deck, chrome rear frame rails dress plate. The drive shaft is painted like a barber pole, head lights have been modified. The bottom of the deck plate is also chrome, the paint on the trailer matches the tractor. Fenders painted to match and Tool boxes added to the trailer with permanently mounted oil field vessel. Oversized load signs on front bumper and rear of trailer.

Description Model # Price
CP101 $205.00


Tractor has been left stock

Hopper bottom trailer has custom matched tarp.

Quarter fenders & rear of trailer have white LED lites.

Pete mud flaps

No air lines or lite cords on purpose.

Description Model # Price

Pete 379 63" Flat top

CP199 $150.00



Interior of this truck has been painted to match the exterior.
The headliner, door panels, floor & seats.
The seats have black inserts 
Have added two shift levers w/chrome knobs
Stainless Texas bumper with corner lights
Horn covers & hub caps
To scale 10" stainless beveled stacks that are 12' 6" tall
Polished stainless front & rear deck
Has 5 trumpet train horns painted to match
Has painted to match air tanks under rear frame steps
Rear exit light & air lines that plug into box under trailer
I have added matching tarp on trailer
Quarter fenders with lights on rear of trailer.
Description Model # Price


I have added horn covers, hubcaps, antennas, corner lights on the bumper
Stainless stack extensions
Light cord & air lines on back of cab plug into front of trailer
The trailer has a custom made orange & white tarp
I added quarter fenders W/lights to the front of the rear suspension
Description Model # Price
CKW323 $175.00


379 Day cab  The Grape Ape
polished stainless bumper w/corner lights
polished stainless visor & stacks, also polished stainless deck w/custom pogo stick w/airlines & light cords that plug into trailer
Hub caps & air horn covers
Custom taillights
Interior is all finished in leather color, with grape seat inserts & shift lever w/chrome knob
the back of the seats have been cut down.
Step deck has simulated wood decking, Pete mud flaps w/quarter fenders in front of front axle.
A scratch built bulk head on trailer
Has a Ben Smith square bale load that is removable.
Description Model # Price
CP108 $210.00


W900 Day cab
Polished stainless Texas bumper w/corner lights, polished stainless visor, TALL polished stainless monster stacks.  Polished stainless deck plate, hub caps & horn covers.
Rear exit light & air cords that plug into bottom of trailer. 
Trailer is a 53' step deck with rear wood veneer decking & a one off custom bulk head.
Quarter fenders in front of the front axle which have white marker lights.
KW logos on mud flaps.
I have drilled larger holes on the Bud wheels
Has a Ben Smith round bale load that is removable w/ a wooden scotch block that is part of the hay load.
Description Model # Price
CKW312 $210.00



These are the modifications I have done
Interior has been painted Red/Black to match outside of truck
Has two shift levers W/chrome knobs
The mirrors, bow tie visor, top of breather, fuel tanks & end of steps are also painted black to match.  Have added four chrome straps to fuel tanks.
Cab marker lights & head lights are painted white.
Polished stainless monster stacks have been modified so they are not too tall for trailer.
Has air horn covers & hub caps on steering axle
Texas bumper has corner lights added with colored glass chips.
Added shuttered grill to front of radiator
Polished stainless visor over sleeper window, with pin stripping added to back of sleeper
The decks front & rear of 5th wheel are painted to match the tractor, as well as the rear frame cover.
The fenders are polished stainless wrap around on front & rear drivers.
Also a polished two piece drive shaft, tail lights on rear frame cover.
Hopper Bottom has quarter fenders W/lights added.
The Custom made tarp is orange to match the color on the tractor,
Description Model # Price
CP188 $225.00


379 Stand up W/Wheel base 185"
Polished stainless Texas bumper with lights, polished stainless bow tie visor, antennas, horn covers & hub caps on steering axle.
Has chrome louvered decal on sides of hood, Longhorn skulls on sleeper & chrome overlay on roof of sleeper.
Polished stainless beveled stacks, has chrome deck front & rear of 5th wheel.
Also has chrome rear frame rail cover W/lights.
Polished stainless double hump fenders, & chrome tool boxes on each side.
Has a chrome sided Hopper Bottom W/longer made Custom Red Tarp
Trailer has quarter fenders with forward facing amber lights.
Has extra red tail lights added.
Description Model # Price
CP123 $190.00


379 Pete w/Texas bumper, antennas, polished stainless beveled stacks, big air horns, outlaw stainless visor.

Has visor over sleeper window, polished stainless deck, wrap around front fenders & half round rear fenders,

stainless tail light bar, all lights are white, lite cord & air lines exit rear of tractor that plug into bottom of trailer

Description Model # Price
CP189 $225.00



C.O.E. Freightliner with shortened to scale 40' spread axle flat bed
The tractor has a Texas bumper, antenna's, stack has been replaced with a polished stainless stack.
Stainless deck, and stainless wrap around fenders.
The trailer has had a bulk head added, spread axle with quarter fenders added on all four corners.
Description Model # Price
CFL203 $125.00




Description Model # Price
379 Pete w/Step deck load
 CP107 $105.00